These portraits are a visual representation of my healing process to reconcile my insecurities by being consciously vulnerable with my own self. Archetypes are everything related to patterns of behavior or the things which cause one to do something. Adding “re” conveys my healing process of acknowledging and honoring my history through a process of unlearning, cultivating self-acceptance and self-love - not desiring my history to be different, but moving on with my life recognizing archetypes that don’t work for who I am now. I use dance as the vehicle to heal and the portraits are a visual representation of this healing process. 
I am specifically attempting to re-archetype to cultivate a healthy body image. From what I have been taught to consider as beautiful to acknowledging that everything in my body is beautiful just as it is; recognizing my body beyond sexuality - as my home; and breaking with patterns that have been embedded in my body from what or how I should love to how I should treat my body. 
This process has led me to affirm that everything positive that happens in my life is normal, to let go experiences, and trust the universe that everything will work. 
Without these portraits this healing process only remains in my consciousness. I decide to use re-archetypes as an invitation for other people to heal, because with love - everything is possible.
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